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DDE 577 Baker Pier

USS Fletcher DDE445

Hakodata 1962 - FT2 Ken Landry

Hedgehog Figure 8 Pattern

Helio Transfer

More Helio Transfer

Highline movies during Refueling

Highline to USS Fletcher DDE445

FT2 Ken Landry receiving Good Conduct Award -1963

FT2 Ken Landry & MK 37 Director


USS Sproston Weapon Alpha

Matchbooks collected during Westpac Cruise - 1962

More Matchbooks

Mount Fuji viewed from the Muri Pennisula, Japan

FT2 Ken Landry, FT2 Frank Nadeo & FT2 Gus Carroll skylarking at highline detail aboard the USS Sproston - 1963

Grumman S2F Tracker ASW low pass -1963

56 Shack

Acey-Deucy Card - Pearl Harbor

USS Sproston in Dry dock - Pearl Harbor

FT's dirty work

Launch Motor Whaleboat

Rough Seas

Twin 3 X 50 guns - Mt 31

USS Isle Royal (AD-29)


Photos from FT2 Ken Landry - 1960-1963

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