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Forsythe & Lanigan

Forsythe & Lanigan on torpedo launcher on the 01 deck

Forsythe, Lanigan & F. Gifford, BM2c

H. Rucosky, QM2c & Carlin Pardue

Joe Cavanaugh, K. Suleski, GM1c, Carlin Pardue & Bud Kalosky, BM1c

Joe Cavanaugh

Joe Cavanaugh & Fred Gifford

Bud Kalosky & W. Howell, S1c

Lanigan, Forsythe & Ray Minko

Lanigan, Gifford, Forsythe & Kiscadden

Herman - USS Sproston (DD-577) mascot

Ray Minko, Forsythe, Lanigan, & Fred Gifford

Ray Minko, Lanigan, & Forsythe

Ned Kiscadden, MM1c

Paul Grownoski & W. Whorbrey

Paul Grownoski & Bud Kalosky

R. Forsythe, TM1c & R. Lanigan, TM2c

R. Lanigan, TM2c

R. Forsythe, TM1c & Dick Lanigan, TM2c

Ray Minko, TM3c, Paul Moon, YN2c & R. Lanigan, TM2c

R. "Yogie" Forsythe, TM1c

R. "Yogie" Forsythe, TM1c



Photos from BM2 Harold "Bud" Kalosky - 1943-1946

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