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1944 San Francisco

Bud in 1943

Up on main deck

Tony Cibelli

Joe Sprouls

Gene Bradley

Bud w/Mascot


Bob Bolen

Eugene Bradley,

John Casey

John Charney

Tony Cibelli-2

Dale Kline

John McDonough

Carlin Pardue



William Whobrey


Commissioning Crew-1945

Bob Bolan, S1c

Carlin Pardue and Herman

Carlin Pardue & Bud Kalosky

Dale Kline, QM1c

John Charney, COX

John Charney & Joe Cavanaugh

Paul Gronowski

Paul Gronowski, B. Bolan & W. Whorbrey

P. Gronowski, Bud Kalosky, BM1c Joe Cavanaugh, J. D'Amati & W. Whorbrey

Paul Gronowski, , BM1c Joe Cavanaugh, W. Whorbrey, Tony Cebelli & Bud Kalosky

Paul Gronowski, Bud Kalosky & BM1c Joe Cavanaugh

Tony Cebelli

CBM Eugene Bradley & Joe Cavanaugh

CBM Eugene Bradley

Forsythe & G. Hartman, SM2c

Photos from BM2 Harold "Bud" Kalosky - 1943-1946

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