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BBQ aboard the USS Sproston off Vietnam. Our CO was CDR Scudder - 1967


Another view of BBQ aboard the USS Sproston off Vietnam - 1967

More BBQ aboard the USS Sproston off Vietnam - 1967

Pago Pago

Pago Pago


USS Sproston firing at Viet Cong - April 27, 1967

USS Enterprise off Vietnam - 1967


USS Ticonderoga off Vietnam LtoR CS3 David Mallory & Don Hamann - April 12, 1967

Vinson Goodwin at the Barber Shop, USS Sproston - 1967

USS Carpenter & USS Sproston in Hong Kong - July 4, 1967 (Photo taken from a Liberty Boat)

Hong Kong - 1967

Swift Boat, Vietnam - 1967

USS Sproston at Sydney, Australia - 1967


USS Forrestal CVA 59 Fire - July 29, 1967

Motor Whale Boats taken in tow from the USS Forrestal by the USS Sproston - 1967

Roy Wittington, R.Balmer & R.Servine at Fort DeRussy, Waikiki Beach - 1967

USS O'Brien and USS Sproston receiving fire from the beach - April 13, 1967 (Photo taken from the USS Sproston - see pg 105 Saga II of the USS Sproston)

At Manus Island - 1967 

USS Sproston leaving Manus Island

Dennis Grout onboard the USS Sproston at Pearl Harbor

Rick Servine and Richard Balmer picnicking in Hawaii

SK3 Gauthier checking out mangos in Hilo, Hawaii

SH3 Dennis Grout in New Zealand - 1967

CS1 Paul Morris, CS3 Ed Cheeseman & CS3 Warner Pressnitz in New Zealand - 1967

Old submarine on Guam base

USS Sproston entering floating drydock,  ARD-29, Guam - January 26, 1968


USS Sproston in floating drydock, ARD-29, Guam - 1968

Depth Charge


From Dennis Grout - Photos of Our last Westpac Cruise - 1967

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