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Naval vessels - Sasebo, Japan

Republic of Korea soldiers resupplying

Launching motor whaleboat

Slow afternoon

USS Renshaw (DDE 499)

Condition II - Port Side

Shooting at mines

Nested ships

Paulsen & Stroud

Tiger Balm Garden

Tiger Balm Garden

Boyd, Paulsen & Abbott family

Garbage men

Street in Hong Kong

At anchor - Hong Kong

From Victoria Park

ET3 Jack Brixey


Looking down Victoria Peak

White Beach - Okinawa

Going Home

More Going Home

Off Okinawa

Buckner Bay - Okinawa

Motor whaleboat repair

Cool Day - Korea


Never ending job

Garbage collectors - Formosa

Bath Thermograph repair

Kaohsiung - Formosa

Kaohsiung - Formosa

Unidentified sailor

Many ships

Garbage detail

Armed Forces Day


USS Walker (DDE 517) - Diamond Head

Port of Manila

Manila Harbor


ET2 Jack Brixey - Kamakura, Japan

Boyd on the fantail

Creber - Kamakura, Japan

Off of Waikiki

Rainbow Falls

Of Oahu

Refueling from the USS Wasp (CVA 18)

Photos from ET2 Jack Brixey - 1951-1955

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