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Kailua, Hawaii

City Map - Japan

Bombed Roman Catholic Cathedral of Manila

Bombed Cathedral - Manila

Bombed Cathedral - Manila

Bombed Cathedral - Manila

Manila, Philippine Islands

3" Gun Crew

USS Philip (DDE 498)


Hong Kong


Buckner Bay - Okinawa

Hong Kong

Street in Japan

Pagoda - Hong Kong

Aircraft on Carrier deck - Task Force 77

2 Carriers - Task Force 77

Awaiting Refueling Tankers

Japanese Coast - Inland Sea

Honolulu from Punchbowl National Cemetery


Sasebo, Japan

Sasebo, Japan

Cold Korea

Boat alongside

Submarine Base - Pearl Harbor


Dry Dock - Pearl Harbor


Dry Dock - Pearl Harbor

Dry Dock Coffer Dam


USS Philip (DD 498)  & USS Sproston in dry dock


Corbin & Isherwood

USS Sproston in dry dock

Trash cans on the fantail

Busy Hong Kong Harbor

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Ships on the Inland Sea of Japan

USS Jenkins (DDe 447)

Refueling Task Force 77 - USS Ingersoll (DD 652)

Refueling from an Oiler (AO)

Sweeper manning his broom

Winch problems

Alongside carrier

Lucky Lady

Galley door

Sasebo, Japan

Submarine Repair - Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard

Radar antennas, hedgehogs & Jack Brixey


Sailors on the fantail


Small boats - Hong Kong


Smoke test

Photos from ET2 Jack Brixey - 1951-1955

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