Photos from 2008 Reunion in Boston, MA. September 17-21, 2008

We would like to thank Michael Bereskin, Wayne Kluth and Ken Landry for providing these reunion pictures

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Tom Rorrie and Rose Morsewich

Cornelius "Gus" Carroll and Dan Bockelmann

World War II shipmates

Korean War shipmates

Vietnam Shipmates






Ken Landry & Kelly Lewin

Dan Bockelmann, Cornelius "Gus" Carroll and Ken Landry

Picture pending

Alan & Richard Nicely

Carol & Ken Landry and Mike & Denise Vrabel

Eugene Milinowski, Larry Richards, David Yates & Herb Yates

Gil & Doris Dormandy and Elaine & John Geiger

Irene Filosa, Elaine Kittel, Tony Filosa, Richard Kittel, and Kenneth & Florence Filosa

J.J. Goodwin

Keith & Noreen Yahn, Larry Richard & Mary Perrodin and R.F. Johnson

Nancy Roff, Ken Landry, Catherine Carroll & Paul Morsewich

Ray Minko & Michael Bereskin

Korean Era Shipmates

The Lewin, Roff and Johnson table

WWII Shipmates


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