JULY 2007

NOW HEAR THIS……….The ETA for the 2007 Sproston Reunion is rapidly approaching. Don’t miss the ship. Send in your Registration TODAY. Thanks to all of you who have already sent in your Registrations



This is the last call for the 2007 Reunion. Reunion Chairman Ken Landry has a great Reunion planned. We have received inquiries regarding Seattle weather. Chairman Landry reports "September is traditionally my favorite weather of the year for Seattle and the Northwest: Indian Summer with warm sunny days, haze skies and long pleasant evenings. I've "ordered" this for the reunion but when it comes to weather there are No Guarantees. I can tell you for sure about weather situations we DO NOT HAVE here and they are hurricanes or tornados. Occasionally there are T-storms in the Spring and lots of cloudy days in the winter, however, most folks are not aware that NYC gets more average annual rainfall than Seattle (37"). Another plus to the mild Seattle weather is very seldom do we have oppressive humidity or terrible heat waves. I suggest you do what we do and take whatever comes our way in September!” All the information you need to register is enclosed. We look forward to seeing you in Seattle. 2007 USS SPROSTON Reunion Registration Form (PDF)



Our Sproston website will continue to contain updated information regarding the Reunion. The names of all shipmates who have registered for the Seattle Reunion are on the website.



Len Doran reports ship’s store items including hats, visors, shirts and patches will be available in Seattle. If you have any questions regarding ship’s store items you can contact Len at: ldoran@new.rr.com or call him at 920-722-2414

Additional information, pictures and an Order Form are available on the Sproston web site.



In the last Report, we indicated a review of the Constitution and By-laws would be on the Business Meeting agenda. Our shipmates who drafted these documents did an outstanding job. They have met the needs of the organization for many years with only minor modifications. The two major issues which should be reviewed are possible term limits for officers and a method for ensuring a successor to the presidency. Other issues will be addressed as necessary. We look forward to your recommendations and input.  Click here for Bylaws(PDF)



It’s been a privilege and an honor to serve as Secretary and President of the USS Sproston Reunion Group during the last eleven years. Following in the footsteps of Joe Callaghan and George Ress has been a great experience.  It has been a pleasure working with John Halase, Al Fitz, Elmer Everidge and Ken Landry. Now it is time for me to step down and let others assume the leadership responsibility. I truly hope someone will come forward and serve as our Reunion Group President. We need to carry on and preserve the proud Sproston tradition and legacy. I intend to remain actively involved in The Sproston Reunion Group and will do whatever I can to ensure an orderly transition of responsibilities.



Since the last Report we have been notified of the passing of the following shipmate:

William Ion      SN                Vietnam

May he rest in Peace. He will be remembered at our Memorial Service in Seattle

Our sincere sympathy is extended to family members.


Remember….Please Send in your Registration as soon as possible.  Thank-you, we appreciate your cooperation

Please let us know when you move. We need your change of address notice……thanks



“Fair Winds and Following Seas”

Jim Marlatt, President


Orville Amos, Treasurer
Michael Holmes, Secretary


Carol Landry, Webmaster 
John F. Halase, Jr. Treasurer Emeritus
Ken Landry, 2007 Reunion Chairman